International Keynote Speaker. Audience of over 800,000 top executives in seminars, courses and workshops in Brazil, Latin America, U.S.A. and Canada, in matters related to:

  • Strategy

  • Innovation

  • Marketing

  • Leadership

  • Team Motivation

  • Strategy

  • Innovation

  • Chaos and Scenario Analysis

  • Strategic Thinking and Decision Making.

Lectures and Seminars conducted with fluency in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Academic Coordinator of International Business Courses in Brazil and Latin America. Professor of EMBA programs and Continuing Education courses at BSP - Business School São Paulo and  FGV – Fundação Getúlio Vargas (since 1984) - two of the most important Educational Institutions in Brazil and South America.

Professor Carnier also works as an International Marketing Adviser to the ITC - International Trade Center, a division of UNCTAD/WTO of the United Nations Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. Acting Partner of NETVIEW Consulting Group - a Brazilian Management Consulting company - clients and projects in Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Colombia;

Keynote speaker at the Barak Obama´s Commercial Mission Summit, in a seminar related to Corporate Culture in Brazil -   promoted by American Chamber of Commerce during the US president visit to Brazil

Expert in Latin American Culture acting as Change Management  Consultant and  Cross Culture Coach to expatriate  executives  working for  multinational companies in  Brazil and Latin American

Bachelor degree in Economics. MBA – major in International Business, and specialization in Harvard´s Case Study Methodology and Business Storytelling  .

Acting Partner of NETVIEW Consulting Group - a Brazilian management consulting company,with clients and projects in Brazil, and Latin America and in charge of the Seminar  Division: CARNIER.COM. Services focused on new competitive paradigms for the Brazilian and Latin American private sector. Consistent academic and pragmatic experience in international management ,  able to provide a wide range of support to maximize Competitiveness

Bayer CropScience; Syngenta; BASF ; Michelin ; Mahle Metal Leve; VW ; BD-Becton-Dickson; Pfizer; COMGAS; Cisco Systems; Socil; Microservice; SKF; UOL-Universo-on-Line , and many others with  projects in Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Colombia 

Former line executive, director and member of the board of a diversified number of Brazilian and North American companies, in Brazil and U.S. Held positions as a Member of Council Board and as an Executive Director in large National and Multinational Companies, licensees of North American concerns such as: Rockwell International and GTE– Valenite at Detroit, Michigan. 


Forged some pioneering milestones, including the 1986 launch of his book, “International Marketing for Brazilians” (published by Ediçoes Aduaneiras). This was the first literary work completely oriented to the reality of international marketing in Brazil. Most recent edition: 2008.

Responsible for the technical revision of the Brazilian edition of the book: TOTAL GLOBAL STRATEGY written by Prof. George Yip (best teaching awards at UCLA - Los Angeles - California in 1993 and 1994.).

Academic coordination in Brazil, of the e-learning project, “Marketing Course On-Line”, offered completely through the Internet. The course was developed by Professor John Quelch (London Business School), and presented by University Access, one of three pioneering institutions of e learning in America (Newsweek April 24th, 2000-page 46).


He has lectured at international seminars at many world-renowned institutions including:  Lake Forest University-Chicago, The University of Maryland, Iowa University, Santa Clara University , among others with the participation of American and Canadian executives, and foreign companies.

Guest speaker at Rotman School of Management - Toronto-Canada,. Academic Coordinator and professor of Executive MBA programs and Continuing Education courses at FGV- Fundação Getulio Vargas (since 1984)

Areas of knowledge and expertise (Training and Consulting) 

High Performance Team Management
Change Management
Corporate Governance
Cross Culture Coaching
Strategic Planning
Vision Project Scenario Analysis
Business Process
Organization Structure Management
Culture Realignment
International Business Management
Foreign Trade Management
Key Accounts Management
Strategic Marketing
B2B Service
Marketing Mananagement
High Complex Sales Management

Key note presentations and training programs
( English - Spanish – Portuguese)

  • Marketing and Innovation Produce Results 

  • The Competitiveness through Differentiation

  • Competitive Professionals and Companies
    Leadership by Managing High Performance Teams

  • From Planning to Strategic Thinking
    Thinking and Acting as a Winning Company

  • Profits through Effective Purchasing Management
    Creating Value and Partnership – The Supply Side

  • Leadership in Consultative Sales
    How to Create Value Proposition in High Complex Markets

  • How to Commit and Motivate Brazilian Executives 
    Dealing with Cross Cultural Strategic Management; Corporate Culture;  Change Management; Realigning: Strategy - Processes-Structure- People

  • Multicultural Leadership in the Americas
    What Business people need to know about Latin America

Testimonials – Professor Carnier – Lectures

I want to thank you again for being a partner with us and allowing our group of students to learn more about doing business in Brazil. The group had a terrific experience with youHsu Yuat O´Keefe-Professor –Lubin School of Business –PACE University –New York-N.Y. 

We all found your presentation to be extremely interesting and engaging.  We especially appreciated the time you took to answer questions and your sense of humor.
Kate Mackie – Ph.D. –  Univ. of Texas

Thanks for your informative presentation. Your expertise helped make this meeting a wonderful learning experience.
Bob Krapfel – Chairperson – Robert Smith School of Business – Maryland 

Excellent speaker - very animated and holds my attention. English is great.
Pamela Murray – Strategic Account Mgr – Cisco System

Luiz Carnier’s lecture is fun and he speaks with humor. Again the seminar  surpassed expectations.
Prof. Richard Torrisi - Sawyer Business School - Suffolk University

I would like to thank you again for the interesting presentation. It was very helpful on our journey to knowing and understanding the differences between the cultures. Everybody enjoyed it very much.
Dr Josef - Fidelis Senn - Volkswagen do Brasil, HR Vice President.